• Commercial Insecticides

    Acelepryn 750ml

    A new generation in turf insect control containing 200g/L of the active Chlorantraniliprole. Acelepryn offers...

    Analysis: 200g/L Chlorantraniliprole
    Price$549.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Barricade 5lt

    A pre-emergent with extended residual activity on Winter Grass, Summer Grass and Crowsfoot in a range of turf species.

    Analysis: 480g/L Prodiamine
    Price$953.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Misc.

    Big Foot Blue Spray Marker 20lt

    A blue turf grass spray pattern indicator which allows accurate and economical application of chemicals....

    Analysis: 93g/L Sulphonated Aromatic Acid Dye
    Price$346.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Bindii Killer 5 ltr

    A reliable broadleaf weeder containing Bromoxynil and MCPA, Safe for Buffalo lawns

    Analysis: 200g/L Bromoxynil + 200g/L MCPA
    Price$187.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Insecticides

    Bouncer Turf & Ornamental 5lt

    A broad-spectrum insecticide containing 100g/L of Bifenthrin. For the control of a range of pests...

    Analysis: 100g/L Bifenthrin
    Price$165.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Destiny Herbicide 250grms

    A selective turf herbicide containing 100g/kg of Iodosulfuron. Registered for the post-emergent control of certain...

    Analysis: 100g/Kg Iodosulfuron
    Price$638.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Embargo 5lt

    A pre-emergent herbicide for warm season grasses, residual performance with up to a 16 week re-application period.

    Analysis: 400g/L Oryzalin
    Price$280.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Straight Fertilisers

    Epsom Salts / Magnesium Sulphate 25kg

    Soluble form of magnesium sulphate for the correction of magnesium deficiencies in turf

    Analysis: 9.8% Mg 13% S
    Price$33.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Bulk Fertilisers

    Fertech Special FEX 200lt

    Fertech Special FEX liquid fertiliser formulation combining effects of iron, manganese and nitrogen.

    Analysis: 15-0-0 + 6%Fe & 2%Mn
    Price$930.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Freehand Herbicide 22.7 kg

    Freehand pre emergent herbicide is labeled for the control over 60 of the toughest, most troublesome weeds.

    Analysis: 10g/kg PENDIMETHALIN 7.5g/kg DIMETHENAMID-P
    Price$389.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Fusilade Forte 1lt

    A highly effective and rapidly absorbed selective herbicide designed to control both annual and perennial grasses.

    Analysis: 128g/L Fluazifop-P
    Price$154.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Garlon 600 5lt

    NOT REGISTERED FOR TURF For the post-emergent control of a wide range of woody and...

    Analysis: 600g/L Triclopyr
    Price$192.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Grazon Extra 5lt

    NOT REGISTERED FOR TURF A multi-active herbicide containing Triclopyr, Picloram and Aminopyralid, for the control...

    Analysis: 300g/L Triclopyr + 100g/L Picloram + 8g/L Aminopyralid
    Price$370.70 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Misc.

    Holdfast 1 litre

    A non-ionic wetter/spreader/penetrant for use with our herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilisers

    Price$59.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Insecticides

    Initiator 3kg 1200 Tablets

    Initiator systemic plant insecticide and fertiliser tablets. For rapid re-generation and establishment of trees

    Analysis: 200 g/kg IMIDACLOPRID plus Slow release N,P,K,Mg
    Price$795.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Insecticides

    Initiator 750grms 300 Tablets

    Initiator systemic plant insecticide and fertiliser tablets. For rapid re-generation and establishment of trees

    Analysis: 200 g/kg IMIDACLOPRID plus Slow release N,P,K,Mg
    Price$295.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Javelin 10lt

    A combination product containing MCPA, Clopyralid and Diflufenican. Provides outstanding control of the major broadleaf...

    Analysis: 300g/L MCPA + 20g/L Clopyralid + 15g/L Diflufenican
    Price$198.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial

    Kamba M 5Ltr

    Selective control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in most turf situations. Not for Buffalo varieties

    Analysis: 80g Dicamba 340g MCPA
    Price$149.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Monument Liquid 100ml

    An early post-emergent and residual control of Winter Grass, Ryegrass, Bindii and many more weeds is Couch and Zoysia's

    Analysis: 100g/L Trifloxysulfuron- sodium
    Price$210.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Bulk Fertilisers

    Nutrafeed 20 25KG

    NutraFeed 20 is a soluble crystalline fertiliser formulated for foliar application has an evenly balanced NK ratio

    Analysis: 20% N, 4% P, 23% K
    Price$99.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Bulk Fertilisers

    Nutrafeed 23 25KG

    NutraFeed 23 is a soluble crystalline fertiliser formulated for foliar application has an evenly balanced NK ratio

    Analysis: 23% N, 4% P, 18% K
    Price$107.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Pennmag 5lt

    An 8 week pre-emergent for warm season lawns, safe to use around renovation

    Analysis: 960g/L S-Metolachlor
    Price$313.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    PoaChek 5lt

    For the selective control of annual winter grass in blue couch, common couch, bent, buffalo...

    Analysis: 175g/L Endothal
    Price$495.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Insecticides

    Pride 5lt

    For the systemic and selective control of first instar larvae of African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab and insects

    Analysis: 200g/L Imidacloprid
    Price$148.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Misc.

    Primo Maxx 5lt

    An efficient and versatile turf growth regulator that maximises turf quality, pre-conditions for stress prevention...

    Analysis: 120g/L Trinexapac-ethyl
    Price$330.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Pronamide 5Ltr

    Provides highly effective pre and post control of Winter Grass containing 500g/L Propyzamide.

    Analysis: 500g/L Propyzamide
    Price$407.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Misc.

    Sharpening Backlapping Compound 5kg

    Sharpening Backlapping Compound, At 120 grit its medium grade is perfect for regular sharpening.

    Analysis: Silicon Carbide
    Price$143.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Surrender 10lt

    A broad-spectrum moss killer containing 500g/L Benzalkonium Chloride. For the control of moss, algae and lichen.

    Analysis: 500g/L Benzalkonium Chloride
    Price$359.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Twin 20lt

    A reliable, broad spectrum selective herbicide containing Dicamba and MCPA, that offers dependable control of...

    Analysis: 340g/L MCPA + 80g/L Dicamba
    Price$330.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Misc.

    Umbrella 905 5lt

    Umbrella 905 is a sticking/spreader extending agent for use with pesticides. When used as a...

    Analysis: 905g/L di-1-p-Menthene
    Price$181.50 inc. GSTDetails
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