Our Vision
Our vision is to take people further than they can go alone. To help them transform their bodies and bring their dreams into reality.
By educating motivating leading and inspiring them along the journey.
This is reality (Our journey)
We have been where you are. We have come from a background of working full time in retail.
Working 12 hours a day covering the 7 days in a week. Poor diet just grabbing a quick bite during the day, generally snack foods containing high sugar and high carbs, thinking we are doing ok. Vesna 42 joined fit club and decided to do a body transformation she lost 10kg and 19cm around the waist.
We caught up after not seeing each other for about 6 months and wow what a difference, she looked amazing, inspired me and I decided to join, I thought I was pretty fit at the age of 48, I joined did my first Tabata and lasted 15 minutes when I started, I then did a transformation and lost 13kg and 3 inches around the waist and only 14% body fat in 6 months, we now teach fitness and inspire others to come on our journey, but believe me it wasn’t easy. The reality is that we are human and some of us find change harder than others.
We have our own lives our own routine we have kids we have shift work we have social days nights, events and many more impacts on our lives, it may take 12 weeks to get onto a great path but believe me it will happen.
We are so excited to be on this journey with you, trust your intuition come and have a chat anytime.
Eddie Hanger
Fitness Club
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